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Writer Junkie Is Celebrating 5 Years In Business

Writer Junkie Is Celebrating 5 Years In Business!

By Writer Junkie | May 11, 2019

We did it! We’ve been in business for five years. Over the course of the past five years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients get…

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Shaking Hands

The Sharing Economy Is A Scam

By Writer Junkie | March 16, 2019

‘Sharing’ was supposed to save us. Instead, it became a Trojan horse for a precarious economic future… Founded in 2014, Omni is a startup that…

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A Much Weaker Chinese Currency

A Much Weaker Chinese Currency?

By Writer Junkie | March 7, 2019

Only three trade war updates today worth mentioning, all of which should leave markets brimming with optimism. First, it has been reported that China…

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Millennials Have Over $1 Trillion In Debt

By Writer Junkie | February 26, 2019

Debt held by Americans aged 19 to 29-years-old exceeded $1 trillion at the end of last year, according to Bloomberg, citing the New York Federal Reserve…

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Credit Exhaustion Is a Global Problem

Credit Exhaustion Is A Global Problem

By Writer Junkie | February 20, 2019

Europe is awash in credit exhaustion, and so is China. The signs are everywhere: credit exhaustion is global, and that means the global growth…

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2 Women celebrating New Year

Start The New Year Off The Right Way!

By Writer Junkie | December 27, 2018

Start The New Year Off The Right Way! With New SEO Content, Your Business’ Message Will Be Seen By More People Than Ever For…

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Skid row city limit

America’s Homeless Population Has Changed

By Writer Junkie | December 5, 2018

Though the crisis of homelessness across the US has eased somewhat over the past decade, there are still some 550,000 homeless people in the US, equivalent…

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Facebook Page on Laptop

Is Facebook’s Reign Coming To An End?

By Writer Junkie | November 7, 2018

Sears and Blockbuster fell because neither was able to adapt and grow with its consumer base. Is Facebook making the same mistakes? Over the last several years,…

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Clock Tower in UK

The UK Is Confiscating Wealth

By Writer Junkie | October 30, 2018

In January we alerted you to a new power of British law enforcement: “Unexplained Wealth Orders” allow the United Kingdom to confiscate money and…

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