Some people, perhaps foolishly, believed that once the election took place in November that we would not have to think about politics for a few years (or even until 2019 when the next presidential election took place). It turns out… we were wrong! We will be stuck with the paradigm of having to think and talk about politics until the day that Donald Trump leaves office, which even for supporters of his or for that matter those who didn’t vote for him, are exhausted by the notion. Regardless, political conversations about the current administration are bound to be plentiful, and one of the conversations the nation is having right now revolves around North Korea.

Recently, I spoke to everyday people about the state of affairs regarding North Korea’s relationship (or lack thereof) with America, and how it would appear that the United States and North Korea are heading towards war.

But before we dive into the responses, it’s worth noting why exactly North Korea has an axe to grind with America. Without going into the magnitude of reasons why this animosity exists, the abridged version goes something like this: the northern part of Korea turned Communist in the 1940’s, towards the end of the 40’s the North invaded and tried to conquer South Korea, the man who led the Communists was Kim Il-Sung (who is Kim Jong-un’s grandfather) who was ultimately defeated by the United States and our allies in the Korean War. This resulted in the creation of two nations. Since this occurrence, South Korea has enjoyed unprecedented wealth and prosperity (especially relative to the state of their country before the War), and North Korea has essentially become Hell on Earth, with millions of people living in absolutely horrible conditions brought upon them by a family of heartless despots.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get into the interviews. The three people that I spoke to about this topic are: Chuck Leela, Joe Chanda and Jackie Acqua. They range in age, but it can be safely said that none of them are older than 45. All three individuals have slightly different opinions about this topic: so let’s get into it.

Here is the conversation with Mr. Leela (after being asked about the current state of affairs with North Korea):

Mr. Leela: “It’s a pretty scary situation! On the one hand, it seems like something could really happen with North Korea, but on the other hand, there’s been this kind of talk for years.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Mr. Leela: “I mean that the media and news people have talked about North Korea being dangerous for years and how we should be afraid of nuclear war with them. There was even a movie about it a long time ago that showed Kim Jong-Il in bad light (Team America). I just don’t know.”

Me: “I see. So if you had to put money on what you think is going to happen, which side would you place your money on?”

Mr. Leela: “On the side of nothing happening. We probably won’t even be talking about this four months from now.”

Here is the conversation I had with Mr. Chanda (after being asked about the current state of affairs with North Korea):

Mr. Chanda: “I’m really nervous… It seems like the entire world is against Trump right now, including a number of Republicans, and everyone in the media, and the whole left.”

Me: “Do you think that what’s going on with North Korea right now is different than what’s happened in the past? Meaning that something could really happen between the United States and North Korea?”

Mr. Chanda: “I think so. I think something could happen between the United States and Syria, between us and Iran, and hopefully not (but who knows) with Russia. It just seems like Trump wants to change the world order so much that the powers that be are going to do whatever they can to stop him, and if that includes wars, then they will do it.”

Me: “So you think that the situation with North Korea could be just a part of a larger picture?”

Mr. Chanda: “For sure.”

Finally, here is the conversation with Ms. Acqua (after being asked about the current state of affairs with North Korea):

Ms. Acqua: “I’m not worried. I mean, sure, something could happen, but anything could happen anytime.”

Me: “So you don’t think that America could go to war with North Korea?”

Ms. Acqua: “No. If something was going to happen, wouldn’t it have already happened? It just seems like the media talks about scary stuff like this to get us to watch them, and then after a week, they start talking about another topic and we end up forgetting about what they just said.”

Me: “Do you think though that this new administration (Trump) will do some kind of military strike against North Korea in order to stop them from doing something dangerous?”

Ms. Acqua: “I hope not! I don’t trust Trump to do anything, especially something so big like this.”

Me: “Would you support any president preemptively taking some kind of military action against North Korea?”

Ms. Acqua: “It depends, but I would lean towards no.”

Although this was just a sample size of what local people think about this complex issue, it is still interesting to hear what they had to say. If you feel like your friends, neighbors, co-workers or even if you yourself don’t have enough information about this topic, then you might want to consider doing your own research.