Cities, much like books, are more complex than what’s on the surface. When people drive into Simi Valley from Los Angeles on the 118 Freeway, they are met with one of the most beautiful views this country has to offer in the scenery and mountain-scape that surrounds Simi. Besides the natural beauty that encompasses the Valley of Simi, a few of the things that make Simi Simi and that make it a must-visit city include: the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the Film Industry’s presence here, and Simi’s historical place as an innovator in aerospace technologies.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is one of 13 Presidential Libraries in the United States, all of which are maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration (or NARA). The purpose of Presidential Libraries is two-fold: they serve as windows into the lives and administrations of the men who have served this country as President, and they hold and maintain valuable information and important items. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is one of the most renowned Presidential Libraries in the entire country! It has been visited by millions of people and well-known politicians, including George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, and Prince Charles, to name a few. In addition, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library houses several unique items, like the Air Force One aircraft used by President Reagan while he was in office. Air Force One, the Boeing 707 housed in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, is truly a site to behold! The plane overlooks miles of mountains, and when the sun is setting, there isn’t a better place to be with friends or loved ones. The Air Force One was actually brought to the Reagan Presidential Library in several pieces, and the building that surrounds it was built around the plane. The Reagan Presidential Library hosts several high-profile exhibits all throughout the year. Just as recently as 2013, Disney even had a special exhibit there.

When it comes to the Film and Television Industries, there is hardly a city (besides Los Angeles) that has been featured in as many movies and television shows as Simi Valley. The reason why is obvious: Simi Valley looks like a fairytale city come to life, and it literally has served that function in movies and television shows. Some of the movies and television shows that have been filmed in Simi Valley include: the original Poltergeist, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Captain America: The First Avenger, Little House on the Prairie, Transformers, and special events with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Simi Valley became a leading star in show biz when Westerns started filming here. Filmmakers were drawn to Simi because of its natural beauty and the character of its people. 

Finally, Simi Valley has a unique position as a leading city in the history and development of aerospace technologies. During the mid-20th Century, California (primarily Southern California) was home to large aerospace developers. One of these companies decided to create a facility in the furthermost eastern section of Simi Valley (Santa Susana). There, aerospace technologies were developed, and rockets were worked on and created, both of which would be instrumental in the Apollo Program. Even to this day, Simi Valley still plays a role in the development of aerospace technologies.

We’ve only scratched the surface of how special Simi Valley is, and we haven’t even mentioned that Simi is one of the safest cities in the entire country. But regardless of the many overlooked details, one can clearly see that Simi Valley is a city that you have to visit and explore.

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