It’s back! Moorpark’s annual Country Days Parade and Street Fair is taking place on Saturday, Oct 7th with the Mammoth Run taking place on Oct 8th. This event is a great place to not only have fun with your friends and family, it is also a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and learn more about them. The event starts at 9:00am on October 7th.

The Country Days Parade and Street Fair is going to have food vendors, live entertainment, and games for the entire family to participate in. Additionally, this year’s Healthy Kids Fun Zone is being sponsored by the Adventist Health Simi Valley Hospital, making it completely free to children. The Healthy Kids Fun Zone will act as a place for children to learn more about being healthy while having fun.

All of the entertainment and events are geared towards families, so you can rest assured knowing that your children will not be exposed to any unsavory content. So you and your children can have a good time while being entertained.

So make sure to stop on by!

This event is going to take place on Highland on Saturday, Oct 7th from 9:00am to 3:00pm, with the parade starting at 10:30am. The Parade provides an outlet for local residents to march together through the City. The Country Days Parade and Street Fair also provides local businesses a chance to generate revenue, which they will in turn invest back into our City. The City of Moorpark’s philosophy is that the City can accomplish more and have greater results when we pull and work on events together. One of the reasons for this emphasis on generating revenue for the the local economy and local small businesses is due to the fact that the Moorpark Chamber of Commerce is running the event. If you would like to learn more about participating in the event next year, please visit the Moorpark Chamber of Commerce’s website.

The Country Days Parade and Street Fair is brought to the residents of Moorpark by the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Moorpark. The Chamber of Commerce has been an active participant in the City of Moorpark for generations, and it has been promoting business interests for decades. One of the purposes of the Chamber of Commerce is to increase civic activity among the residents of the different cities it has a presence in. As a result, the Chamber of Commerce believes that community events, like these, create a more civic-minded environment for local residents.

The Country Days Parade and Street Fair is going to be a blast, and residents of the City of Moorpark (and our neighbors in the surrounding cities) are welcome to come and visit.

See you Saturday, Oct 7th at 9:00am!