Search engines, like Google and Bing, are familiar tools that are used to make searches on the internet every day. But have you ever wondered how search engines determine which webpages come up first in searches, and how you can have your website show up first? Understanding how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works can help you increase the likelihood of having a higher ranking by search engines.

It may sound like internet wizardry… because it is.

Search Engine Optimization requires a basic knowledge of how search engines work. Google and Bing use tools called “crawlers” or “bots” to search the entire internet for keywords used in searches. These crawlers will look for words in webpages’ content and the title of each webpage in order to try to understand how that content can be better found. For example, if someone searches for “pizza” on Google, Google’s crawlers will look for webpages that have the word “pizza” in their title and in the different pages of that website. If a webpage has the word “pizza” somewhere in the content, but the webpage is about someone’s trip to Canada and the page is titled “Canadian Explorations,” the search engine won’t list that page as one of the first results for that search.

Another thing that search engines look for are links from other websites to your website. If several websites contain links to a certain webpage that contains keywords that are related to that search, search engines will likely list that website higher in search results. Going back to the “pizza” example, say that someone is looking for a restaurant that has really good pizza. If several websites have links for a certain pizzeria, search engines will notice all of the links to that one pizzeria’s website, and they will make that restaurant appear closer to the top of the results listed for that search.

New content is also important for SEO. If a family-owned business has a website for their restaurant, but they never post new content on it (like blog posts or pictures), that business is likely to rank low in searches. Search engines notice when websites are stagnant and when they are active; a more lively and fresh website will lead to a higher ranking in searches. Search Engine Land has a great, easy-to-understand video on search engine optimization, which we encourage you to check out.

Search Engine Optimization is the most effective way of naturally growing your website’s presence online. This methodology is crucial for getting people to visit your website. The better you understand how SEO works, the better your website will perform online.

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