Scott Juceam is a Southern California entrepreneur that started The Tax Defense Group, a tax company that helps people deal with the IRS and back taxes. The Tax Defense Group, as a company, possesses a team that has more than 50 years of combined experience in the tax industry. Everyone is responsible for paying their taxes, but sometimes people make mistakes and end up owing more money to the IRS. This is what Juceam’s company specializes in. The Tax Defense Group helps taxpayers exercise their right to defend their income and settle back taxes instead of facing harsh IRS collection action(s).

Scott Juceam, and the team at The Tax Defense Group, never make false promises about how much money they can save their clients. However, they have had a 100% success rate in easing the tax burdens of all their clients through their negotiations with the IRS.

In addition to running The Tax Defense Group, Scott Juceam advocates for the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). In May 2006, Juceam’s life changed forever when his infant daughter, Hannah Rose Juceam, was pronounced dead after being left in the care of her nanny. The nanny admitted to shaking the child in order to wake her, and spent two years in custody for charges of murder and child abuse. However, despite the evidence and the 10-2 jury ruling in favor of guilty, the case eventually ended in a mistrial. In the 11 years since the tragic event, Juceam has dedicated his life to preventing SBS.

“It feels like yesterday, and it feels like 100 years ago,” said Scott Juceam, when asked about his daughter’s passing. “There’s a learning lesson in a decade… I’ve learned how to take this terrible pain and try to share it in a way that is tempered right, where people will be inspired or motivated to do something.” As of today, Juceam has given more than 500 speeches to first responders, and other people who need to understand the pain that SBS brings.

“Before my daughter took her last breath, that is where I told her, ‘I promise you that I will let the world know who you are, and I will do everything I can to stop Shaken Baby Syndrome from existing.”

The case with Hannah Rose Juceam ended in a mistrial due to the testimony of a false “expert” witness. In recent years, there have been several of these “expert” witnesses taking the stand in cases involving SBS, who question the validity of SBS diagnoses. Because of this, Scott also advocates that there be proper vetting performed on all expert witnesses involved in SBS trials.

Every year in April, the nation observes Child Abuse Prevention Month, and one of the ways that Juceam is currently helping fight Shaken Baby Syndrome is through raising awareness of it. City councils, schools, and universities around the country are spreading awareness of child abuse issues, through planting “pinwheel gardens”. The gardens symbolize solidarity with children who have been abused, and create an opportunity for passerby to learn about how they can also help to prevent child abuse.

Today, Scott Juceam continues to fight against Shaken Baby Syndrome, and against child abuse altogether.

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