The professionals at OMG Tax have over 50 years of combined experience dealing with the IRS and back taxes. Our industry veterans have helped people from all walks of life, facing even the most challenging tax problems.

Are you struggling to pay back taxes?

Dealing with federal and state taxes alone can be overwhelming and confusing.

The IRS and State Tax Boards are only concerned with collecting taxes. Their job is to get the most money they can from you. Tax codes, as well as government initiatives and policies, change every year. It is difficult to make arrangements to settle your back taxes when you are not aware of all the factors that directly affect the balance and magnitude of your settlement. Of course the IRS has their own agenda in mind. This can make turning to them for answers equivalent to asking another team’s coach for free throw advice.

If you don’t pay back taxes the IRS will take aggressive collection action to satisfy your tax debt.

If you owe back taxes, our team will take every aspect of your financial situation into consideration to build a strong and persuasive case to present to the IRS. We will do everything in our power to get  you back on track with your taxes and help save you as much money as possible.

Trying to resolve back taxes on your own can be risky, not to mention, intimidating and stressful.

The IRS and many State Tax Boards have seen drastic budget cuts in recent years so getting a hold of a tax agent is more difficult than ever. We know because we contact them everyday on behalf of our clients. When you owe the IRS back taxes the best outcome for everyone is to be able to find a speedy resolution. When a taxpayer has been holding for 20 minutes or more and attempts to negotiate with an IRS agent who has been speaking to frustrated taxpayers all day the combination of nerves can be counter productive to say the least.

Many taxpayers defer their attempts to resolve their back taxes because contacting the IRS and receiving useful and necessary guidance seems to be an unattainable task.

We promote understanding and compliance

Taxpayers have rights and responsibilities that can often be forgotten amidst the chaos of negotiating a settlement for taxes owed.  At OMG Tax we focus on the rights of taxpayers and promote understanding and acceptance of tax responsibilities. Everyone is responsible for paying their taxes. But if you make a mistake and end up owing more taxes than you can pay, you still have rights. You have the right to defend your income and settle your back taxes instead of facing harsh IRS collection action.

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