Recently, Disney filmed a feature length movie called “Magic Camp” at the High Street Arts Center. This film stars Adam Devine (“Pitch Perfect,” “Workaholics”), Gillian Jacobs (“Community,” “Girls”) and Jeffrey Tambor (“Transparent,” “The Larry Sanders Show”). The film is being directed by Mark Waters (“Bad Santa 2,” and “Mean Girls”). This movie is geared towards family audiences, but is guaranteed to be enjoyable for all age groups. Also, Magic Camp is likely to conjure up some laughs due to the fact that several of the people associated with this movie have been in comedic roles before.

The Walt Disney Company filmed a portion of Magic Camp inside of the High Street Arts Center. During production, they had to temporarily renovate portions of the theater to make it better fit the tone and feel of the movie, as well as modernize portions of it. Filming at the theater took place over the course of three weeks, and it shot at the theater for ten days. It is also worth noting that this was the largest production to ever take place on East High Street, which is saying something because a number of Hollywood productions have been filmed there before including Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise.”

Magic Camp stars Tambor as Roy Preston, the owner of a summer camp for child magicians. Devine plays Andy, a former camper whose magical career has taken a turn for the worse. Because of Andy’s unfortunate circumstance, he decides to become a counselor at the camp. Although a rating for this movie has yet to be announced, it is suspected that the film will either be given a G or a PG rating.

You might be wondering why the City of Moorpark specifically was chosen to have a portion of this movie filmed there, and the answer has to do with a database system that Hollywood has. Essentially, there is a database system that exists that outlines different places where filming has taken place in the past, and when a movie, music video, television show or web series needs a locale, they refer back to this database/catalog for the kind of location they need. As it can be assumed since Moorpark is so close to Los Angeles and Burbank where most of the studios reside, it makes sense that they would venture out to nearby areas for unique filming opportunities.

Magic Camp is slated for a 2017 release. So when it hits theaters, make sure to buy a ticket and see it; if for no other reason you will be seeing Moorpark represented in a major motion picture.

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