Writer Junkie Presents is an interview show where we have guests of all backgrounds on. This episode features Dave Barthmuss, owner of Advotocracy — a PR firm that services the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Dave Barthmuss is an engaging leader, compelling storyteller, and team builder with expertise in corporate and agency environments. He was Group Manager of Communications for General Motors until early 2016, and now serves as an independent consultant and senior counsel for clients and agencies. He’s known for designing strategic communications programs that improves image and reputation, builds brands, engages influential stakeholders, and delivers a company’s or organization’s messages in a variety of settings. Dave possesses a keen ability to build the kinds of engaging bridges that have turned the most determined of detractors into proactive third-party advocates –- a subtle art he calls “Advotocracy,” the act of leading through advocacy.


(This episode was produced by Matthew Omori)