Writer Junkie Presents is an interview show where we have guests of all backgrounds on. This episode features Blameitonjorge, a YouTube content creator who makes top ten lists, skits, vlogs, and other content.

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(This episode was produced by Matthew Omori)

The Internet is a vast ocean of knowledge. It’s the largest database of information that has ever existed. However, because there is so much information, sorting through it all to find accurate facts can sometimes be challenging. There is an endless amount of things to learn about, and I think that Blameitonjorge displays that very clearly. Blameitonjorge is the name of a successful YouTuber/YouTube channel with over 44 million views. Some of his most popular uploads include topics such as: “Top 20 Disturbing Moments in Kid Shows”, “Top 30 Creepiest Urban Legends That Turned Out to Be True”, and “9 Strange and Bizarre Moments in Sesame Street.” The theme is clear; the peculiar and the petrifying.

Blameitonjorge presents theories that you have never even considered; some funny, some terrifying, and some that are pretty convincing. He brings up clips from cartoons you’ve forgotten that you’ve seen, clips from things that nobody was meant to see, and clips from things that you may wish you hadn’t seen. After watching a number of his videos, I’ve come to this conclusion: I keep watching because it’s fascinating to see just how developed some of these theories are. If you’ve ever seen or even heard of the show Avatar: The Last Airbender, you know that the avatar is the master of the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. In one upload on the channel, Blameitonjorge presents a theory that Mario is in fact, the Avatar. While this theory is just for fun, the parallel that he draws between the two characters is actually pretty interesting to see. He describes how Mario is a master of the four elements, as we can see from his ice power, his Fire-flower power, his ability to smash stone blocks with his head, and his multiple flying power-ups. On top of that, he has Yoshi as his spirit animal; similar to how Aang has Appa.

This example is just one of the hundreds of theories and other things that Blameitonjorge displays on his channel. While some of the theories may be unbelievable and some of the creepypastas may not actually scare you, it’s incredibly entertaining just to see some of the info that this researcher has dug up on the Internet.

The internet is a wonderful place. It’s a place where, if you want to learn about disturbing moments in kids’ shows, you can because of people like Blameitonjorge. It’s because of people like Jorge that make the Internet what it is. It’s the people who sift through the endless sea of information to provide concise content that shape the Internet into a stronger platform for learning. So whether or not you’re tuning in to Blameitonjorge’s videos just for entertainment, or to actually learn, either way you won’t be disappointed. The content is fun to watch, and it shows a great deal of dedication. The web wouldn’t be the same without content like this, and it’s this kind of content that makes it the place that it is.