Remember when you had to turn on the news and wait for the sports segment to come on just to see highlights from recent games? Well, we all know that with the Internet and with social media especially, those days are pretty much gone. You almost can’t avoid seeing game clips just by scrolling down your timeline. The wonderful thing about it though is that most of these clips are created not by news channels, but by regular people who share a love of the game. Colosimo99 is a football fan who has mastered the art of sports’ highlight reels.

His videos show compilations of clips from hundreds of recent football games, and he posts on a consistent basis. Not only are the videos all in super high definition (and even 4k), but they all feature a great selection of background music. I think that Colisimo99 has found something special!

By creating the kind of media that he wants to; he has found, or rather, created a specific audience that loves everything about the content that he makes. From the music choices, to the video quality, to the clip choices: Colisimo99’s videos from European Football, Champions League, World Cup and Juventus F.C. all prove to be incredibly high quality and entertaining to watch. Colisimo99 has fans that say they would just come for the music that he chooses! Being a master at Final Cut, Colisimo99 demonstrates his mastery over the art of video editing by the high quality content he produces and by doing so, has gained a huge fan base who loves the art that he creates. It’s like watching a sports reel without the newscasters’ input, and without waiting in between commercials. You get content from the teams that you’re passionate about, and videos crafted in such a way that demonstrates the artist’s reciprocated passion.

Colisimo99, visit his channel by clicking here.