Anime Guru is an anime channel that is playing a huge role in the current popularity of anime in America. For many American viewers, they feel that anime is inaccessible. Anime Guru comes along and shows viewers that there is an anime for everyone. Whether you’re into horror, action, or even the kinkier take on the genre, Anime Guru covers just about all of it. People nowadays treat YouTube how people treated television back in the 50’s and on it, Anime Guru has created a space where people can come and get quick and easy anime suggestions, reviews, and even discuss with other fans. In the last 20 years, animes have gone from being difficult to access– to streaming sites; the hype being maintained and built by channels like Anime Guru. However, to fully understand the scope of impact Anime Guru is having on the anime community, we first have to take a look at a brief history of anime in the America.

The roots of anime in America date all the way back to the 1963; when Astro Boy first began airing on TV screens in the U.S. Children and adults alike were fascinated by the show as they had never seen something quite like it. Flash forward to the 1990’s. Anime is now somewhat mainstream and steadily gaining more American viewership, although you basically had to be in the know to even hear about cool animes. Back then, there were clubs who would pool their resources together to create “fan-subs” of original Japanese animes, which they would distribute amongst the group. These practices continued until the US government began to threaten anime watchers with an organization called JAILED (Japanese Animation Industry Legal Enforcement Division), a clever yet intimidating acronym that scared a large amount of the community out of distributing fan-subbed content, thus halting the growth of anime’s popularity in the US.

However, a remnant remained that did everything they could to keep the community alive, until DVDs and finally the Internet made the process of finding anime and talking about it with like-minded people a total breeze. Anime is becoming so popular in the US that people are just finding it for themselves on sites like Hulu and Crunchyroll, falling in love with the genre without having to find some underground group hiding from the feds.

But to whom do we owe the credit to growing the current audience of anime besides the animes themselves and streaming sites? Well, the answer is people just like Anime Guru. This guy has watched probably hundreds of animes; from old to current, ranging across a number of genres spanning from romance, thriller, mystery, drama, and harem (to name a few). In the 70’s, 80’s and 90s, people weren’t able to express the height of their fandom as we are today. That’s what makes channels like Anime Guru so pivotal to the current anime scene. The information that he presents is basically all from first-hand experience as well. When you watch his videos, you know that he’s actually seen the animes he’s talking about, and honestly it’s like watching them with a friend who loves the shows you like just as much as you do. With over 5 million views, and nearly 40,000 subscribers, it’s not hard to see that this guy is playing a huge role in the scene. So if you’re looking for a great anime suggestion or just looking for some cool anime facts, head on over to Anime Guru.

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