Dave Alton is the photographer and owner of Luminary Photo, a business that provides professional photography for special occasions. Luminary Photo is a family business run by Dave and Jodi. Dave started doing photography in his high school years, and people loved his work so much that they eventually started asking him to photograph weddings. This is what led Dave to open Luminary Photo in 2005. For more than 10 years, Luminary Photo has been helping families capture their very first moments together.

Dave’s passion is documenting and memorializing the tender moments that families have in the beginning. Weddings can be stressful, but Luminary Photo cuts past the stress to highlight the moments that matter. While Luminary Photo predominantly does wedding photography, they also do a lot of people photography in general. From headshots, to environmental portraits, to personalized stock photography, Dave at Luminary Photo can shoot it for you.

Luminary Photo is about understanding their clients. In Dave’s words, “Rather than worrying about creating all the right poses, getting good images comes from who I understand you to be. The connection with people is what creates great pictures.” At Luminary Photo, they find the balance between the vision of the client and the artist, to provide a product that is exceptional. This philosophy is best summed up in their slogan, Photos Today, Memories Forever.

Dave started Luminary Photo on the premise that nobody should have to spend $15,000 on wedding photography alone. Luminary Photo provides reasonable prices to all of their customers. To learn more information about them, visit their website at www.luminaryphoto.com.