Is YouTube Really Over?

Is YouTube Really Over?

Is YouTube Really Over?

YouTube has been in the news a lot as of late, largely in part due to the exodus of major advertisers leaving the platform. In the wake of new YouTube demonetization policies and smear campaigns from mainstream media outlets, YouTube content creators have been consistently losing advertising revenue. In the last two weeks, YouTube advertisement rates have gone down by 75 percent.

The controversy started back in September 2016, when YouTube released their new demonetization policies. These new changes entailed that any video containing questionable material would be flagged for demonetization. When a video is demonetized, advertisements are prevented from being played on it, which in turn prevents content creators from receiving money for their work. Although the changes seem like a good solution to prevent creators from getting paid for content containing hate speech, or racism, many YouTubers found their videos getting flagged wrongfully. YouTubers soon learned that they couldn’t talk about certain sensitive topics such as murder, rape or drug use without their video getting demonetized immediately, even if they had an educated opinion on the matter. Despite creating content that was educational, YouTubers were prevented from getting paid for their content. This was a transition that changed YouTube from a place where anyone with an opinion could make a living off it, if so valued by the community, to a place where you can’t mention sensitive topics at all without being demonetized.

The controversy got worse when mainstream media outlets started finding examples of “hate speech” in videos of large YouTubers such as PewDiePie (although the examples were taken out of context, and PewDiePie’s words misconstrued), and threatening major advertisers with the information. Because major advertisers don’t want their products being advertised on such videos, they have all started to leave YouTube as a platform. However, the reasons behind these advertisers leaving goes deeper than it appears on the surface.

By shrouding Google’s YouTube in controversy, it makes advertising on the platform seem like a less than viable option for most advertisers. This causes advertisers to find a more “respectable” medium in which to advertise their products. Two of the most prominent advertisers who have pulled out are AT&T and Verizon, who spend a cumulative $3.5 Billion on advertising per year. Here’s where it gets sticky. AT&T, who pulled out from YouTube under the guise of “too much objectionable content”, owns major television companies such as HBO, TNT, TBS, Warner Brothers, and CNN. Guess who competes with major companies such as these? Independent entertainment and news channels on YouTube.

In the same way, Verizon has little to lose by creating the narrative that Google’s YouTube is a haven for objectionable content, because Verizon owns Yahoo!. By smearing the image of YouTube, these major corporations are practically forcing advertisers to leave YouTube as a platform. This gives major companies like AT&T and Verizon a chance to lure these advertisers back to their own “respectable” platforms.

As of now, more than 250 advertisers are boycotting YouTube – many out of fear for not boycotting, due to the extensive racism smear campaign created by mainstream media outlets and major corporations. Just two months ago, Eric Feinberg, CEO of GIPEC, a company which monitors online content, is quoted saying, “You look at corporate America’s ads in front of these videos, and it really has a reputational risk… the advertising community needs to take responsibility, go to YouTube, and threaten to pull their ads.” The media gladly gave Feinberg this platform, as it promotes the idea that YouTube is littered with objectionable content, thus driving advertisers back to their own websites.

In a recent article about Feinberg it’s stated that, “Feinberg has spent the last few months finding ad-supported content linked to terror and hate groups, and pushing links and screen shots proving it happened to journalists in the U.K. and U.S.” Why would he do this you may ask? Well, it has to do with Google’s artificial intelligence that filters unsavory content from YouTube. Google recently stated that they are “beefing up their tech efforts and hiring more people to prevent placement of ads with unsavory content.” In response to this claim, Feinberg stated that he doubts Google can succeed in this task without, “violating my patent.” This means that a large part of the controversy was caused by GIPEC, out of fear that Google would violate their patent.

The controversy continues, but as to whether YouTube will continue as the free speech platform that it is, time will tell.

Is Demonetization The End Of YouTube?

Is Demonetization The End Of YouTube?

Around 6 months ago, YouTube content creators were filled with outrage after the guidelines for YouTube’s new demonetization policy was released. Essentially, YouTube made it so that any video including sexually offensive, violent, or drug-related content would be demonetized. This meant that advertisements could no longer be played on those videos, thus preventing the content creators from receiving any sort of advertising revenue. YouTube did this to give advertisers the confidence that their products weren’t being promoted on videos with “suggestive content”. It doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple.

For many YouTubers, the outrage started when their videos started randomly becoming demonetized. Dr. Aaron Carroll has a healthcare channel that is a prime example of the phenomenon. Dr. Carroll’s creates family-friendly content about about healthcare policy and research, but 27 of his videos were demonetized after the new YouTube algorithm flagged them for containing suggestive content. The algorithm mistakenly flagged Dr. Carroll’s videos that contained content about prescription drug costs, the opioid epidemic, and treatments for diabetes, because it thought that those videos were praising illegal drugs. This is most likely because the videos contained the names of the drugs in the video titles and video tags. Dr. Carroll is only one out of the hundreds of YouTubers who have had the same thing happen to them.

Is Demonetization the Downfall of YouTube?

Dr. Aaron Carroll

YouTube has since created an appeals process for getting demonetized videos remonetized. However, any amount of time that a video spends demonetized causes a substantial drop in revenue for the content creator. Ironically, initial reports suggest that most claims submitted for manual review have resulted in the video being remonetized, which indicates a critical error in the current monetization algorithm.

The necessity of submitting an appeal for every video you create could be a massively discouraging factor for many YouTube content creators. To make matters worse, the YouTube guidelines for preventing demonetization are incredibly broad and vague, giving YouTube the ultimate authority to decide whether your video is deemed appropriate to advertise upon. One of the guidelines states that content containing “controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies…” can be demonetized at any point. This has many YouTube creators saying that this is essentially an act of censorship. While you can still say whatever you want on YouTube, you may not be able to make your living off it anymore.

This could just be YouTube making way for paid YouTube channels. Paid YouTube channels are a new addition to YouTube, that will allow content creators to charge a small fee for being able to watch their videos a little bit early, and generally support the content they make. While this is a good thing for creators, it’s still a band-aid solution to the problem at hand. Paid channels still don’t provide nearly as much revenue as can be attained by hosting advertisements on your videos.

Despite all of these changes, YouTube creators continue to make content. Many of them have started paying special attention to the metadata and tags included in their videos, so that they may not get accidentally flagged. Even though this works most of the time for the big YouTubers out there, this method is still not enough for others. YouTubers that make politically charged content have to deal with the inevitability of people of opposing views disliking their videos. However, if enough people go so far as to flag the video it will get demonetized, causing the creator to lose money just because enough people had a different viewpoint than their own. This is bad no matter what political stance you may take.

YouTube’s appeals process is a good start for preventing the erroneous demonetization of videos, but even more needs to be done by YouTube in order for them to continue to succeed as the world’s largest video streaming platform.

Featured YouTube Channel: Anime Guru

Anime Guru is an anime channel that is playing a huge role in the current popularity of anime in America. For many American viewers, they feel that anime is inaccessible. Anime Guru comes along and shows viewers that there is an anime for everyone. Whether you’re into horror, action, or even the kinkier take on the genre, Anime Guru covers just about all of it. People nowadays treat YouTube how people treated television back in the 50’s and on it, Anime Guru has created a space where people can come and get quick and easy anime suggestions, reviews, and even discuss with other fans. In the last 20 years, animes have gone from being difficult to access– to streaming sites; the hype being maintained and built by channels like Anime Guru. However, to fully understand the scope of impact Anime Guru is having on the anime community, we first have to take a look at a brief history of anime in the America.

The roots of anime in America date all the way back to the 1963; when Astro Boy first began airing on TV screens in the U.S. Children and adults alike were fascinated by the show as they had never seen something quite like it. Flash forward to the 1990’s. Anime is now somewhat mainstream and steadily gaining more American viewership, although you basically had to be in the know to even hear about cool animes. Back then, there were clubs who would pool their resources together to create “fan-subs” of original Japanese animes, which they would distribute amongst the group. These practices continued until the US government began to threaten anime watchers with an organization called JAILED (Japanese Animation Industry Legal Enforcement Division), a clever yet intimidating acronym that scared a large amount of the community out of distributing fan-subbed content, thus halting the growth of anime’s popularity in the US.

However, a remnant remained that did everything they could to keep the community alive, until DVDs and finally the Internet made the process of finding anime and talking about it with like-minded people a total breeze. Anime is becoming so popular in the US that people are just finding it for themselves on sites like Hulu and Crunchyroll, falling in love with the genre without having to find some underground group hiding from the feds.

But to whom do we owe the credit to growing the current audience of anime besides the animes themselves and streaming sites? Well, the answer is people just like Anime Guru. This guy has watched probably hundreds of animes; from old to current, ranging across a number of genres spanning from romance, thriller, mystery, drama, and harem (to name a few). In the 70’s, 80’s and 90s, people weren’t able to express the height of their fandom as we are today. That’s what makes channels like Anime Guru so pivotal to the current anime scene. The information that he presents is basically all from first-hand experience as well. When you watch his videos, you know that he’s actually seen the animes he’s talking about, and honestly it’s like watching them with a friend who loves the shows you like just as much as you do. With over 5 million views, and nearly 40,000 subscribers, it’s not hard to see that this guy is playing a huge role in the scene. So if you’re looking for a great anime suggestion or just looking for some cool anime facts, head on over to Anime Guru.

Click here to visit his channel.

Featured YouTube Channel: iAmCrunchy1

iAmCrunchy1 is a YouTuber who makes all kinds of gameplay videos. His videos range from GTA V, Overwatch, CS:GO, DBZ Raging Blast 2, and even Happy Wheels. He’s got a great PC setup- so the quality of his videos are second to none. What really makes his videos explosive though is his funny and energetic personality. With nearly 100,000 subscribers and 33 million views, it’s safe to say that his fans really enjoy the content he produces. He has a passion for games, and for making quality content. If you’re a gamer, you would love iAmCrunchy1’s channel.

In the age that we live in, YouTube videos and countless other forms of digital video are replacing what television programs once were. People can now search for their specific interests on YouTube, and instantly find media content that caters to that specific interest. The beautiful thing about it is that because YouTube is free for everyone, it attracts passionate and knowledgeable people to share quality content. Let’s take his Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2 videos for example. If you search for the game on YouTube, iAmCrunchy1’s videos are going to be some of the first results that you see. iAmCrunchy1 has single-handedly created some of the most popular content about the game. He’s an expert in this field, and if you want to learn about the game or just enjoy some play-throughs, he’s your go to guy.

Although iAmCrunchy1’s channel has nearly 100,000 subscribers, it wasn’t always this way. For a long time he was posting videos that would only get a fraction of the views his more recent uploads do. He posted a DBZ video three years ago that now has nearly 2 million views, and in that video he commented about how he was excited to be getting close to 600 subscribers. In three years, going from 600 to 100,000 subscribers is a huge accomplishment! I think that iAmCruchy1’s dedication to just keep doing what he loves is a huge testament to the passion that he has for gaming, and for making great videos. He has a second channel too; where he posts all kinds of vlogs about his everyday life.

So if you’re into PC gaming, Dragon Ball Z, or you just want to watch some great vlogs, check out iAmCrunchy1 on YouTube.

Featured YouTube Channel: Colisimo99

Featured YouTube Channel: Colisimo99

Remember when you had to turn on the news and wait for the sports segment to come on just to see highlights from recent games? Well, we all know that with the Internet and with social media especially, those days are pretty much gone. You almost can’t avoid seeing game clips just by scrolling down your timeline. The wonderful thing about it though is that most of these clips are created not by news channels, but by regular people who share a love of the game. Colosimo99 is a football fan who has mastered the art of sports’ highlight reels.

His videos show compilations of clips from hundreds of recent football games, and he posts on a consistent basis. Not only are the videos all in super high definition (and even 4k), but they all feature a great selection of background music. I think that Colisimo99 has found something special!

By creating the kind of media that he wants to; he has found, or rather, created a specific audience that loves everything about the content that he makes. From the music choices, to the video quality, to the clip choices: Colisimo99’s videos from European Football, Champions League, World Cup and Juventus F.C. all prove to be incredibly high quality and entertaining to watch. Colisimo99 has fans that say they would just come for the music that he chooses! Being a master at Final Cut, Colisimo99 demonstrates his mastery over the art of video editing by the high quality content he produces and by doing so, has gained a huge fan base who loves the art that he creates. It’s like watching a sports reel without the newscasters’ input, and without waiting in between commercials. You get content from the teams that you’re passionate about, and videos crafted in such a way that demonstrates the artist’s reciprocated passion.

Colisimo99, visit his channel by clicking here.

Featured YouTube Channel: MisterFilOfficial

Featured YouTube Channel: MisterFilOfficial

From track and field fails, to epic final sprints, and a variety of other track and field related content, MisterFilOfficial’s channel holds a wealth of entertainment. MisterFilOfficial’s channel has gained nearly 10,000 subscribers in just a year’s time. YouTube, being the place that it is, is incredibly difficult to gain subscribership from nothing. People watch YouTube like they used to watch TV, tuning into their favorite channels to watch the “newest episode.” That being said, MisterFilOfficial’s channel knows its audience, and delivers content that’s uniquely tailored towards them.

Looking around on YouTube a little bit, it wasn’t difficult to realize that MisterFilOfficial is one of if not the only YouTuber who is posting these kinds of videos on a regular basis. While there are other channels covering similar topics that he covers, such as track and field records or early celebrations, no one else is posting the kind of content that he does, all the time. Not only that, but no other channel has the amount of subscribers that MisterFilOfficial has. If you just search track and field compilation on YouTube, the channel that you will see the most is MisterFilOfficial.

On top of creating Top 10/5 track and field compilation videos, MisterFilOfficial also makes motivational running videos, and Olympic coverage videos. He covers a huge spectrum of track and field related content, even making videos of his predictions of future running stars. So if you run track and field, like watching it as a spectator sport, follow the Olympics, like watching people break records and push themselves to their limits, want to feel inspired to run, or just want a good laugh at watching some people fall at full sprint, check out MisterFilOfficial’s channel by clicking here.