On June 6th, 2017, Barbara Penney passed away at the age of 78 years old. Mrs. Penney was an incredibly active member of the community, and she is survived by her Husband, Thomas Roger Penney, her children Karen and Brian, and her grandchildren Addison and Ellyanne Penney. Some of the groups and organizations that Mrs. Penney was active in include: the Lions Club, she was an Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce, she volunteered at the local Presbyterian Church she was a member of, she collected bottles for the troops (along with funds for the troops), and she did other community-event centered activities regularly. Mrs. Penney has been described by people that knew her as “an incredibly special person,” “a joy to know,” “a very nice person!” Mrs. Penney may have passed on, but the work that she did for so many will not be forgotten soon, and she should act as a role-model for others in the community. Every city needs people that will step up and contribute in order for that community to strive. Barbara Penney was one of those people, and the community of Moorpark is worse off with her being gone.

 Barbara Ann Penney was born June 24, 1938 in Windsor, Ontario Canada. She married Thomas Roger Penney on June 20th, 1959 in Windsor, Ontario Canada. Mrs. Penney, along with her husband Roger, immigrated to the United States in 1962 (they first moved to Chicago). In 1976, the Penney family moved to California where they have largely remained ever since. She was a loving wife and mother.

Mrs. Penney was a member of the Lions Clubs in Hemet, where she collected eyeglasses to be donated to low income individuals. She also organized the collection of pull tabs with the Central Coast Lions clubs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Loma Linda. Her passion for service was only matched by her drive and determination to help those who were in need. She was a member of the Moorpark Women’s Club, and regularly volunteered at community events like Moorpark Country Days, and events hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Penney also helped raised funds for troops.

Christianity played a large part in Mrs. Penney’s life. It was through the inspiration of God’s Word that drove her to be the best possible version of herself– it led her to give, volunteer, and to put the needs of others before her own. Her family was an important point of her life, but so was the community of Moorpark. Mrs. Penney was also a social butterfly who embraced friendships, acquaintances, and meeting new people.

Mrs. Penney’s story, although sad and we wish her family members the best, is not entirely uncommon for the people of Moorpark who love and give back to this community. It is the duty of citizens, regardless of the size of the city they live in, to support and help their communities; to give their time and effort to their less fortunate neighbors, and to exemplify what it means to live in a community with other human beings by helping them.